Herd immunity" .. Tamim's Regime trick to complete the World Cup facilities despite the outbreak of Corona

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The Qatari government risks the lives of poor innocent workers and follows the policy of "herd immunity" so as not to lose the World Cup. That, there are only 1,000 days left since the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. And despite World Health Organization warnings which impose all public places closing, the Qatari government will ignore those international decisions. Moreover, orders are issued to continue working in all facilities designated for the World Cup, fearing that the FIFA will withdraw the organization from Doha. Thus, foreign workers are toiling and struggling in stadiums and infrastructure projects, which amount to more than $ 200 billion.

With the outbreaks of the new Corona virus in Qatar exceeded the 30,000 confirmed cases, the infection was spread among thousands of workers, amid the failure of Qatari authorities to activate preventive and health measures necessary to confront the virus and protect workers. Moreover, Qatar failed to activate the mechanisms of "social spacing", where workers are forced to go factories and construction sites. And more than 200 people are working together in one site, traveling on the same bus and living in one room. This is continues in Qatar in the light of “herd immunity's policy” that is followed by Tamim regime in facing the virus. That, all its attempts were failed controlling Corona outbreak inside Qatar.

A report by the American CBS News revealed that Qatar has become the most dangerous epicenter of Corona outbreak, in which the virus epidemic is spreading, especially in the industrial zone in Doha. Such spread is happening amid a severe blackout from the relevant authorities for details of confirmed infection sites. It is continuous regardless of suffering in the overcrowded Qatari labor camps, from poor services and deteriorating humanitarian conditions. This led to a fierce outbreak of Corona virus. Thus, the World health experts are warning that Qatar has become a fertile ground for the virus to spread around the world, with 600,000 workers in Qatar, who are at risk of infection of the deadly virus, mostly young and single immigrants.

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