Qataris expect a jump in corona infections' number on Al- Fitr feast, because of the government careless

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A state of fear controls Qatari people, fearing from a catastrophic jump in the numbers of new infections of Corona virus in Qatar. Such fears rise after Qatar entered the phase of epidemic outbreak of deadly Corona virus, that a total of active cases reached 30,481, according to the Qatar Ministry of Public Health. The number of confirmed cases of the virus is increasing daily as a result of the Qatari government's failure to activate healthy and preventive measures to confront the virus. Moreover, they neglected to implement Social spacing mechanisms to limit the spread of the epidemic among citizens, as well as the increase in massive gatherings throughout Doha. A Qatari health official revealed that the authorities had ignored the dense numbers that held Group breakfast and Sahoor meals. This contributed to the spread of the new corona virus during the holy month of Ramadan, despite of the World Health Organization's warnings "not to mix". A number of citizens and experts expected that the incidence of the Virus' infection will worsen with the advent of Eid Al-Fitr, cause of visiting continuation during the holiday, and not to adhere to the homes. This leads to the spread of the virus in Qatar, while Human Rights Watch revealed that the Corona outbreak reached to the central prison. And international organizations called on the Qatari authorities to take urgent measures to protect prisoners and prison staff amid the outbreak of corona in the central prison in Doha.

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