Doha buys its way into Germany

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Doha of terror seeks to whitewash its reputation before the world, Bild newspaper exposed another Hamadein’s schemes to bury its crimes. Tamim used Qatar International foundation to beautify his image as the organization funded 6 shady educational projects.

Doha also takes part in building the HQ of “One Home” with 45 mil Euros a project that claims to spread a culture of peace between religions but the newspaper condemned how the org took money from a terror-sponsor like Tamim. 

How could a state that supports Qaradawi combat hatred? 

Doha funds projects that support refugees in Kreuzberg and Neukölln and finances mercs to control educational centers, spending millions to promote ISIS ideas in Berlin. 

Ninety per cent of Qatari funds to the EU were channeled to Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated projects, two French authors have confirmed, supporting claims made since the summer of 2017 by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Gulf News reported.

One of the authors—prominent investigative journalist George Malbrunot—spoke to Gulf News about his new book Qatar Papers: How the State Finances Islam in France and Europe.

It has been co-authored with his colleague Christian Chesnot, a ranking expert on the Arab World.

“This is not fantasy,” Malbrunot said in an exclusive interview.

“The evidence we published was based on bank transfers, cheques, and official letters. It is evidence that they simply cannot contest.”

The two journalists started working on their 295-page book in late 2016, after receiving an information-packed USB from a whistleblower, filled with documents from database of the Qatar Foundation, headed by Shaikha Moza Bint Nasser Al Misned, and Qatar Charity, headed by a relative of her son, the Emir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani.

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Qatar's Defense Minister promotes lies of military superiority

Qatar's Defense Minister promotes lies of military superiority

The Qatari Minister of Defense explained that his country is seeking to achieve self-sufficiency in all fields, and he still promotes Tamim's illusions, while neglecting the economic problems.

Tunisian politicians: Marzouki seeks to serve Qatar's malicious agendas

Tunisian politicians: Marzouki seeks to serve Qatar's malicious agendas

After taking office as interim president of Tunisia, Moncef Marzouki took a hostile stance against Algeria in pursuance to implement Qatar-Turkey plots, and also aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.