Founder of Qatari intelligence reveals his experience with the devil

  • اللواء محمود منصور.. مؤسس المخابرات القطرية

Major General Mahmoud Mansour, the founder of the Qatari Intelligence Service , revealed the practices of the Qatari terrorist regime, its hostile behavior and threat to national and Arab security in a book entitled "My Experience with the Devil."

The book includes Mansour’s testimony to the events in the region during the eighties and nineties, especially as he witnessed Hamad Bin Khalifa’s coup on his father Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad , blessed by Washington in exchange of allowing Hamad bin Khalifa to construct US military bases in Doha, a deal that was the engineered by Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, the former prime minister and foreign minister, whose video and audio betrayal has been monitored, cooperating with US intelligence.

In his book, Maj. Gen. Mansour reveals shocking secrets about Doha's relationship with the Israeli Mossad. The establishment of Al Jazeera was aimed at spreading chaos and dividing the Arab World into small, rival states that could easily be subjugated to Israel and the West.

The book also deals with Doha’s relationship with the world's leaders of terrorism, such as Osama Bin Laden , former Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri , the Doha’s Muslim Brotherhood , the relationship of Al Hamadein to the regime of the Iranian mullahs, the secrets of the exclusion of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa and the role of Sheikha Mozah to hand the country to her son Tamim .

Mansour also monitors the secrets and secrets of the battle of UNESCO , the purchase of Qatar's debts and consciences, the trade of some Al Thani princes in white slaves, poison and drugs, the theft of Egyptian antiquities and the looting of the civilization of the region to obliterate its identity.

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Qatar's Defense Minister promotes lies of military superiority

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Tunisian politicians: Marzouki seeks to serve Qatar's malicious agendas

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