French journalist: Qatar recruited snipers to kill Tunisians and Egyptians in 2011

  • قطر دفعت المرتزقة لقتل المتظاهرين في مصر وتونس

The French journalist Olivier Piot shook the scene in the evening of Sunday to Monday, January 15, 2018 raising again a rather delicate subject, the Qatari-backed snipers.

Through a video broadcast on social networks, the journalist witnessed events in Tunisia during the month of January, citing another testimony from a French officer:

That day, (January 13, 2011), I was in a bar at Tunis Carthage airport, when I saw with my own eyes 30 meters from me, people aged 25 to 40, dressed the same way: brown trousers and yellow shirts. They had big black briefcases on the right and small gray suitcases on the left. They crossed the airport hall and climbed into black cars waiting outside, (since I followed this movement a little).

When I came back to the bar, I was quite surprised by what I had just seen, Indeed, there was a person besides me, with whom I started the conversation, in 5 minutes this gentleman explained to me roughly that they are mercenaries and he knows these people well since he was himself an officer of the French army. He told me that he was waiting for friends to pick him up for a mission, I did not ask him more about why he was in Tunisia.

He told me, "I know these people well, they are mercenaries, South African snipers." He's the one who said, I asked him how he knew, he told me that he knew the snipers' big briefcases, and the little gray suitcases of ammunition. The big ones, they make more than one 1.50 m, they are not musical instruments. Everything converges towards this interpretation there. In theory, if this kind of thing has to happen, they should not have gone up. There are other ways to land them and ex-filter them at the airport in a discreet way.

I just think that a regime that is desperate, does not necessarily have the means to pay attention to all that. Most of the nonsense is precisely done at times when the police or security regimes are caught in the throat and at that moment the security protocols are not respected. I trust the expertise of this type, which my surprise in his testimony is that it was very accurate, so I think it is someone who knows these circles well.

He testified on Al Syassi channel, and recalled that in his book "The Tunisian Revolution: Ten days that shook the Arab world ", Olivier Piot said that some of these mercenaries were recruited by Qatar, with a tariff of $1,000 to $1,500 a day and that they proceeded in the same way in Egypt.

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