Funded and supervised by Qatar, Libyan militias recruit mercenaries

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The confessions of the Portuguese pilot, who the Libyan national army shot his plane down in Al-Hira area, south of Tripoli, revealed the suspecisious Qatari role in supporting terrorist militias, for which Doha provided funds to bring fighters and mercenaries from several foreign countries.

The confessions showed Qatari military supervision of some of the camps of the Al-Wefaq government and the supervision of the mercenary soldiers at the air base, which is controlled by Muslim Brotherhood militias.

The pilot was transferred to a prison in Benghazi and admitted "serious information," said a member of the Libyan military prosecutor's office, Adil al-Hadairy.

He added that the mercenary pilot confessed to accurate details of his recruitment, and the costs of bringing the pilots from a number of countries, over the past four years.

"The pilot revealed that his recruitment as a mercenary at the base in Misurata was not an individual case, but was part of an organized operation began years ago, with the aim of building an air force in the city, supervised by the Brotherhood militias, after Libyan pilots refused to fight with the militias."

The Portuguese pilot also said that there are pilots, engineers and aviation technicians from Ecuador have been working in the base since 2014, in addition to other pilots from Portugal, confirming the presence of Qatari soldiers to oversee the situation.

Over the past nine years, Doha has been fueling the Libyan conflict and providing support to terrorist militias since the February 17, 2011 revolution. The amount of funding from the Al Thani reached 750 million euros until 2017.

The pilot said that he received $100,000 monthly from the Al-Wefaq government, saying that orders from the government was to bomb bridges.

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