Hamadeen’s policies expel Qataris

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Tamim’s policies caused Qatar endless crises, as he opened Doha's doors to welcome Turks and Iranians and expelled Qataris.

Not only did Tamim betray Arabs, but also his own compatriots. Qatar’s Development Planning department uncovered a silent revolution among Qataris, confirming that the emirate's population fell by 6.6% in July. Qataris sought to flee Hamadeen’s hell after Tamim worsened their suffering by his economic crises and removed subsidies on goods, which raised prices in a crazy way.

Hamadeen's regime also decided to stop incentives and allowances, causing a drop in Qataris' salaries. Tamim, however, imposed austerity on citizens and wasted billions on the Muslim Brotherhood and its reminants.

Qatari citizens feel like outsiders in their homeland since Tamim only serve his Turkish and Iranian allies.

Expats also are added to Qatar’s demographic crisis anf fled Doha due to Hamadeen’s violations. Workers refused to work in Doha after the casualties' scandal. Hamadeen’s policy turned Qatar into a ghost county.

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Qatar on alert to rescue the World Cup

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Racist Qatar despises expatriates

Racist Qatar despises expatriates

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