Hobyo port .. Qatar’s terrorist plot in Somalia

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Qatar expands terrorism outlets in Africa by announcing construction of Hobyo port in Somalia

It seems that the emirate of corruption does not stop its suspicious projects in Africa, where it signed an agreement with Somalia to establish the port of Hobyo in the region of Medg, taking advantage of the fall of President Mohammed Abdullah Farmajo to carry out its malicious purposes.

This came during a visit by Namik Doha Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Thani, who is the foreign minister in the Tamim regime, during which he held talks with Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khairy on the sidelines of her first visit to the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Speaking on behalf of Somalis, the Qatari delegation announced the launch of the project to build the port of "Hobyo" in the region of Midg in central Somalia, in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Communications in both countries.

"From now on, the construction of Hobyo Port will be started in a modern and modern way that will keep pace with the advanced ports in the world. Preparations are underway to benefit the people," Jassim bin Saif Al-Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, was quoted as saying. Somali will invest the port in case the project is finished. "

For her part, said the Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport, Mariam Owis, "The launch of the project to build the port of Hobyo will create a job opportunity for citizens and contribute to the economy of the country."

Tamim tried to obliterate their malicious colonial designs, with pink statements, as Jassem al-Sulaiti launched a series of lies, claiming that the project serves the people of Somalia, forgetting the leaked recording of his Qatari citizen Khalifa Kayed al-Muhannadi, a Qatari intelligence officer in Somalia, who admitted in a telephone call that he was behind the Bosasso bombings. .

The Qatari delegation's visit comes after a leaked call between the Qatari ambassador in Somalia and a businessman close to Tamim shame revealed the scale of Qatari terrorism in Somalia, where the Al-Hamdain gang resorted to media and humanitarian review, while the Doha regime exploited its polluted investments to cover up its crimes.

The start of the Qatari regime in the construction of Hobyo port in the central region of Medg, Somalia, months after the assassination of Paul Antonio Vermosa, head of operations of the ports company P&O Dubai government in the semi-independent Puntland.

The New York Times published a leaked audio tape last month confirming Qatar's involvement in bombings in Somalia.

The leaked recording is a telephone call between Qatari Ambassador to Somalia Hassan bin Hamza bin Hashim and businessman Khalifa Kayed al-Muhannadi, who is close to the Emir of Qatar, Tamim, from Hamad. Muhannadi assures the ambassador that the “Friends of Doha” are behind the May bombing in Bossaso. "To promote Qatar's interests by expelling its rivals."

During the Qatari delegation's meeting with Somali officials, they called for a massive injection of money to buy the silence of Mogadishu, claiming that infrastructure projects were being built in the places most in need, promoting the idea of ​​creating many jobs to absorb popular anger, in an open move to beautify the face of bloodstained destruction.

In December, Somalia and Qatar, in the capital Doha, signed several development agreements, including the project to build the port of Hobyo in the province of Midg the first country.

One of Somalia's oldest ports, Hobyo is on the country's northeast coast near the Gulf of Aden.

The port of Hobyo is located on the maritime line between Yemen and Somalia, where it is the largest illegal arms corridor for extremist groups. Turkish in Somalia.

It seems that the new Qatari move also came in the context of escalation against brothers, especially the UAE, after the Doha tails failed to turn the contracts of Dubai ports to its advantage, by intimidating its staff to carry out suicide bombings, carried out by the Somali youth movement.

Qatar, facing isolation in its Gulf and regional surroundings due to its track record in supporting and financing terrorism, has intensified its movement in the Horn of Africa, particularly in strategic areas that constitute a vital area for international maritime security and an important space for the security of the Arabian Gulf, through the gateway of economic cooperation.

Doha has focused its attention specifically on conflict-torn Somalia, taking advantage of the fragility of the security situation and the weakness of the Somali government, which in turn hastened to ditch the Turkish-Qatari axis, in a move that observers say Somali affairs and Qatar's policies that it does not go beyond the context of increasing penetration in the joints of the country, economically and security and to strengthen existing relations Originally with local leaders, militia leaders and extremist groups.

Qatar's projects in Somalia raise suspicion among Somali circles, who have previously said they fear Doha's dominance of strategic ports and sites and fears of expanding militant outlets in the region.

The government of Somali President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajou has faced more domestic criticism for lining up in the Turkish-Qatari axis and jeopardizing Somalia's security.

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