Mohamed Al-Sagheer, another terrorist living in Doha

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Mohamed Al-Sagheer is one of the prominent leaders of Al-Jama'a Al-Islamiyya, a terrorist organization in Egypt notorious for Luxor Massacre in 1997 and the assassination of Egyptian writer Farag Foda.

Under the Muslim Brotherhood, he became an advisor to the minister of religious affairs but was fired following fraud accusations. 

After Mohamed Morsi was deposed, he moved to Qatar where he was hosted in Doha’s most luxurious hotels. Doha also facilitated his move to Turkey to avoid having to extradite him. 

Al-Sagheer frequently appears on Al Jazeera and Brotherhood, Qatari-funded channels to badmouth the Egyptian army and mock the death of soldiers. 

He once said a wife may divorce her husband if he supports Egypt’s administration and called for cutting family ties with proponents of June 30 revolution.

He was convicted multiple times of inciting violence, and the apple doesn’t far from the tree, his son was also found guilty of taking part in the attempted assassination of Egypt’s former Mufti Ali Gomaa. 

Al-Sagheer has relations with pro-terror Qatari organizations and institutions and is a designated terrorist with ties to Qatar by the Arab quartet.

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