Nasser Al-Khelaifi bribed the Union of European Football Associations

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A new scandal exposed Hamadeen’s cronies, this time in the sports sector. The New York Times revealed the violations committed by Nasser Al-Khelaifi and UEFA’s investigative committee.

The prominent businessman Al-Khelaifi is the chairman of beIN Media Group and France’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He became the new president and chief executive officer of Paris Saint-Germain in 7 October 2011. But before that he became the chairman of Qatar Sports Investments (QSi), a fund dedicated to investments in the sport and leisure industry on a national and international level, since June 2011.

The American newspaper published many documents which proved that the Qatari businessman fled a number of corruption cases. It also exposed his suspicious links with UEFA members. 

It should be mentioned that Al-Khelaifi used twisted methods to evade any potential punishment. Moreover, he used beIN to provide UEFA with billions of dollars. He paid bribes to gain broadcasting rights and sign suspicious contracts.

These scandals showed that this prominent figure exploited his post to influence the decisions made by UEFA’s executive committee. 

But the head of UEFA’s sanctions body exposed PSG’s violations, and referred to the fallacies appeared in the investigative committee’s report. He said the report outcome is null, therefore a new investigation must be launched. In addition, he confirmed that UEFA’s totally bias to PSG is suspicious and uncomfortable.

The investigative committee’s report ignored the financial violations and abuses perpetrated by PSG. The french football team breached FIFA’s rules, exploiting its Qatari sponsors. And there are many accusations that PSG’s contracts contradicted with fair play rules.

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