Qatar Airways turn in a circle

  • الخطوط الجوية القطرية تحاول تلافي الخسائر

Qatar Airways flight QR816, scheduled to fly from Doha to Hong Kong, was supposed to depart at 7:35AM, and the gate-to-gate time was scheduled to be eight hours, reported One Mile At a Time.

But the journey time ended up taking 12 hours (or is projected to, at least), with all passengers ending up in Doha.

Hong Kong Airport was shut down today due to protests. However, they were still supposed to accept arrivals, but just not allow departures. So most airlines with flights to Hong Kong continued to Hong Kong, since they could land safely.

However, that wasn’t the case for all airlines. QR816 decided to turn around back to Doha while over Bangladesh, over halfway into the flight.

The airline made the decision for the flight to return to Doha. However, the plane apparently didn’t have quite enough fuel (or at least not enough fuel reserves), so the flight ended up diverting to Muscat first, before continuing back to Doha.

The flight landed in Doha after 7PM, nearly 12 hours after it departed in the morning.

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