Qatar, the worst is yet to come

  • Doha

There are attempts, particularly by some Qatari media outlets, to make some helpless Qataris hope that the American authorities will support them and save them from the crisis which their regime has put them in.

This is wishful and naïve thinking that has nothing to do with the logic and standards of political interests. It would be stupid to believe that the Americans would sacrifice their relationships with major countries in the region, like the quartet (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE), and stand with a very small state, like Qatar, which is marginal in terms of influence and impact.

This may have been possible during Barack Obama’s term; however, the rules of the game have changed during Donald Trump’s term. Today’s standards are different from the past as the anti-terror quartet intends to continue boycotting Qatar until the crisis is resolved - even if this lasts for 10 years.

Boycotting Qatar does not cost the quartet anything worth mentioning. However, it costs Qatar a lot. This cost only increases with time. The crisis with Qatar is also not a priority for us at all. When Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said that the Qatari issue is minor and not among his priorities, he meant it.

The same applies to the three other countries that came together with Saudi Arabia to “discipline” this harmful neighbor that only knows the art of conspiracy, treachery and deception. Qatar only embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists to be its arm that implements its wicked conspiracies. This is what Trump implied to in one of his tweets when the decision to boycott Doha was first made. This made the Qataris turn to Turkey and Iran to protect their palaces in Doha.

The Americans, who occupy one third of Qatar's territory in the Al Udeid Air Base, may remain neutral in case the Qataris took action, like the rational members of the al-Thani ruling family, to curb this unjustified insanity. By the way, this is a possible scenario that cannot be ruled out especially that popular anger is increasing by the day.

Qatar’s problem will only be resolved via deeply rooted solutions that revolve around expelling the main source of the problem: Hamad bin Khalifa from Qatar. The other solution is for destiny to intervene and take its toll on this spiteful man. As for the poor Tamim bin Hamad, he does not make any decisions and only obeys his father who insists to rule from behind the scenes.

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