Qatar threatens the GCC: a Bahraini minister

  • قال وزير الخارجية البحريني إن حل الأزمة القطرية مرهون باستجابة الدوحة للمطالب

The documentary, "The Hidden Is More Immense", aired by a Qatari satellite channel on Sunday night, was filled with 'clear and blatant lies and fallacies', said Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

'It is the latest episode in a series of conspiracies staged by a rogue state against the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the security and stability of the entire region,' the minister said.

'This affirms, beyond any doubt, that this country has become the most serious threat to the GCC, as it is constantly seeking to undermine its march, foment strife among its countries and sow divide among its peoples,' he added. 

He stressed the need for the GCC countries to 'confront this country’s hostile practices and irresponsible conduct, and to take all resolute measures to deter it and compel it to respond, in a transparent manner, to the just demands of the boycotting countries and implement the agreements it had signed.'

'This would preserve the GCC, and maintain its achievements, as well as help attain further development, prosperity and progress for the best interests of its countries and peoples,' the Foreign Minister added.

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