Qatar uses Chadian mercenaries to disperse Libya's LNA

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The Qatari gang continues its moves in several directions in Libya to revive its terrorist plan, especially after the failures of the illegal government in Tripoli GNA headed by Fayez Al Serraj.

After the repeated defeats of Tripoli's militias, Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani resorted to Chadian mercenaries in an attempt to stop LNA's advances. He ordered the Chadian opposition to attack Murzuk town and disperse LNA, but Marshal Khalifa Haftar repelled the followers and thwarted their efforts.

Sources from Murzuk town situated in southern Libya said that the militias of the terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Souki carried out a terrorist attack on the city.

The sources stated that the terrorist militias launched an attack on Murzuk backed by Chadian mercenaries in an effort to enter the town.

Ahmed Atta, an analyst at the Middle East Forum, revealed that the Qatari intellegence stands behind the escalation in Murzuk town against LNA.

He added that Qatar allocated an open budget for Khalifa Al Muhannadi in order to contact terrorist organizations to open up a front in southern Libya using Chadian mercenaries in Libya.

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