Turkish soldiers occupy Qatar

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In a military base in Qatar, named after General Tariq Ziyad, Doha hosts Turkish soldiers. Colonel Mustafa Aydın, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) commander of ground elements, talked about the Turkish soldiers who continue to perform their duties in Doha, under the Qatar-Turkey Combined Joint Force Command. 

Their numbers will increase in as Turkish and Qatari soldiers prepare joint training programs and conduct military drills. The warmness in the countries’ political relations the same in their military relations as well. Eid al-Adha holiday, soldiers from both countries met the military post and exchanged greetings, as they do every holiday season. 

Turkish soldiers presented chocolates where Qatari soldiers offered breakfast. Their love for Turks at the military base as well. The soldiers greet each other in each other’s

Turkey’s permanent military base in Qatar has a significance far beyond the bilateral relations of the countries.

Turkey has owned a military base at such location that is critical in Gulf and Middle East politics and in energy matters. It also became a counterbalancing power concerning Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It’s strategically significant and the number of Turkish soldiers in Qatar the military base in Qatar is getting bigger. A new base has been built near the Tariq Ziyad military base. The grand base’s, in which a myriad of social facilities exist, construction is completed.

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