UAE ends WTO dispute as Qatar withdraws discriminatory measures

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The UAE has concluded dispute proceedings over trade violations committed by Qatar through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body, after Qatar announced the withdrawal of the discriminatory measures which triggered the dispute.

Qatar's discriminatory measures against goods and distributors originating from the UAE, imposed in May and June 2018, violated Qatar's obligations and commitments as a member of the WTO. As a result, the UAE put forward a request for the formation of a WTO dispute settlement panel on January 28, 2019, against Qatar, to seek the withdrawal of the discriminatory measures.

On March 31, 2019, Qatar withdrew the measures in question, in order to address the claims contained within the dispute.

Accordingly, the UAE has notified the WTO of its willingness to conclude proceedings against Qatar.

A spokesperson for the UAE Mission in Geneva commented, "Qatar's withdrawal fulfilled the UAE's request in the complaint. However, the UAE reserves the right to take further action if Qatar renews its WTO violations."

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