Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Godfather of Modern Terror

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Qaradawi was the initiator of the vile cooperation between Doha and Ikhwan. The Godfather of Ikhwan found an ally in Doha and has been tied to Qatar since 1961.

Qatar’s Mufti made Al-Jazeera a platform for lewd fatwas claiming the boycott is Haram and that backing Turkey’s economy is a duty. He had called for a civil war in Egypt following the dismantling of Rabia’ sit-in and said terror operations that target civilians are allowed.

Qaradawi also called for fighting alongside ISIS and Nusra.

He took on establishing the Qatari-funded IUMS to make it a hub for Ikhwani leaders and extremist imams.

Hamadein used him to exploit the Arab spring and propel Ikhwan forward, Qaradawi labeled those who rejected Ikhwan’s terror infidels.

He encouraged austerity while his net worth exceeded $3 bil and understated the importance of the Islamic Hajj pillar in addition to using religion to encourage officers in Egypt to engage in civil disobedience.

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